Coupa Acquires Deep Relevance
to Provide AI-Based Fraud Detection
Deep Relevance Internal Fraud Monitoring Product
Fraud is constantly evolving and rules-based systems will always be behind and missing the biggest perpetrators. Get out in front with Deep Relevance's AI-based platform to spot needles in the haystack in real-time.
Collusive relationship analytics
A large fraction of the fraud involves collusive actions. Our platform scours internal and external data sources for deep collusive signals.
Risk from text & image data
Apart from the structured data, text and images often contain rich risk signals. Our AI models extract information from this unstructured data and include in our behavioral risk analysis.
High-value cases to prioritize
Focus on the high-value, most relevant cases and skip the rest. Quickly prioritize by dollars-at-risk.
Real-time detection
Stop fraud in its tracks with real-time detection to minimize the losses.
Deep Relevance for Procurement
Conflict of interest
Bidding integrity
Sham vendors
Fraudulent invoices
Deep Relevance for Accounts Receivable
Fictitious accounts or sales
Deep Relevance for Travel and Expense
Inflated expense claims
Duplicate expenses
Personal expenses